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Power 10 Indoor Rowing Center has partnered with Digital Rowing to integrate all of our Concept 2 rowing ergometers and our Swingulator with the latest version of RowPro software for indoor rowing. RowPro is the perfect motivator and it makes rowing as cool and interactive as a computer game. This real-time visualization and virtual racing lifts the rowing experience to a whole new level.

Our integrated software provides you with a personal logbook that records every stroke you take. Flexible and effective training plans are tailored to you with the magic of live online rowing with friendly people worldwide. And of course the 3D animations that take you out on the water.

Additional features include:

  • Direct Performance Monitor connection - Direct 2-way connection from the RowPro PC to multiple Concept2 PM4 or PM3 Performance Monitors, to set up rows, track members' performance as they row, and record their results.
  • 3D animation - Advanced multi-lane 3D on-water rowing animation tracks members' stroke action and shows them excellent stroke technique as they row.
  • Coaching clinic - A 3D Coaching Clinic where Olympic rowing coach Brian Hawthorne shows how to row well.
  • Personalized rowing plans - Over 600 pre-defined rowing plan templates for competition, fitness and weight control, plus a Wizard to select the best plan for each member based on their profile and goals.
  • Racing - Virtual Racing with pace boats or past rows, Venue Racing between up to 16 Indoor Rowers, and live Online Rowing with other gyms locations.
  • Rowing log - RowPro records session results, splits and stroke data in each member's personal rowing log.
  • Performance analysis - Split-by-split charts show how members' pace and heart rate are improving over time.
  • Multi user - Provides personal rowing plans, rowing logs, custom rows and settings for 20 to 200 members.