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Pilot Community Indoor Rowing Center

ProgramsMiddle School Learn to Row

The primary goal of our middle school program is to introduce the sport of rowing to students who want to learn the basic fundamentals of the rowing stroke and improve on his/her overall fitness.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine


Fundamentals of the Rowing Stroke

How to Read the Monitor

Drive Phase

Pacing/Stroke Rating


Relaxation & Posture


Nutrition for the Athlete


Power Curve (Blending the Stroke)

Circuit Training

1st ½ Drive Sequence

Common Mistakes & Solutions

2nd ½ Drive Sequence

Introduction Heart Rate Training

Weight Transfer (Body Awareness)

5 Great Drills

Introduction Swingulator

Introduction to 2k Racing


Training in Watts versus Split

Team Rowing (Swingulator)

Setting Fan Wheel/Drag Factor

Interval Training

Training Program (Personal Goal)

Fluid Stroke/Erg to Water Transition

Virtual Racing

Heart Rate Training

Video Analysis

Psychology/Motivation Factors