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The goal of our High School Training Program (9th-12th grade) is to help each athlete reach his or her long-term goals in rowing. This program will allow each athlete to spend time with highly qualified coaches in a structured training environment. The program is designed to focus on three main areas: 1)Technique on the Indoor Rower and Swingulator, 2) Improving Overall Fitness, and 3) Racing Strategies and Readiness.

Fundamentals of the Rowing Stroke: Grip, Posture, Fluidity, Relaxation and Body Movement

Drive Phase: Power Curve, 1st ½ drive sequence, 2nd ½ drive sequence and blending the stroke

Finish: Hand Position, Core Stability, Body Weight and Feet Placement

Recovery: Body Sequence, Speed and Rhythm, Pacing and Stroke Rating

Catch: Posture, Seat/Catch Timing, Weight Transfer and Connection

How to Read the Performance Monitor: Drag Factor, Interval Settings, Watts vs. Meters & Power Curve

Common Mistakes & Solutions

Video Analysis


Importance of Warm Up, Cool Down and Stretching

Energy Systems:


- Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

Cross Training:


- Strength and Conditioning


- Core Stability

Personalizing Your Program:


- 2,000 Meter Race Training


- Target Splits in Meters/Watts


- Training Log


- Heart Rate Training & Zones

Nutrition for the Athlete


Virtual Racing

Psychology/Motivating Factors

- Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

Great Drills On and Off the Water

2,000 Meter Race Plan On the Erg

1,500 Meter Race Plan On the Water

Coxswain Tips and Leadership

Video Analysis

Day and Life of a Collegiate Rower