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Pilot Community Indoor Rowing Center


Power 10 Indoor Rowing Center combines state of the art indoor rowing equipment and technology with knowledgeable and passionate rowing coaches. Customized programs have been designed to accommodate all ages, fitness levels and body types. Programs include:

  • Middle School Learn to Row
  • Adult Learn to Row
  • High-School Training & Technique
  • Adult Fitness Programs
  • Clinics & “Virtual Racing Regattas”
  • One-on-One Coaching & Video Analysis
  • Nutritional Counseling

Whether you already row or are considering rowing to keep in shape, lose weight, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury or surgery, rowing is the complete exercise for you. Benefits of rowing include:

  • Low-impact (easy on hips, knees & ankles)
  • Time efficient high calorie burner (uses all muscle groups)
  • Great for joint health (joints move through a wide range of motion)
  • Upper body (completes the stroke)
  • Lower body (the legs initiate the drive)
  • Works the back and abs too!
  • Superb aerobic & cardiovascular fitness
  • Relieves stress (for overall health)

Our center features dedicated areas for rowing ergometers and the only 4-seat "Swingulator" (crew shell simulator) in the state.  All of our equipment is interfaced to specialized visualization and analytical software for optimized training sessions.  Members can also participate in "virtual" races with local teammates and club members or via the Internet, with rowers from around the world.